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Nursing your baby may be difficult in the beginning, however with the right support it can provide a lifetime of health benefits for mothers, babies, families, and mother earth!

Research shows that breastfeeding decreases risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and even childhood cancers for your baby. Although most understand the health benefits for baby, some are unaware that breastfeeding also reduces the risk of multiple health disparities in women. Decreased risk of breast and other female related cancers, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and illness- are some of the benefits of mothers who breastfeed their babies.

The longer that you provide breastmilk to your baby, the more benefits to you and your baby!

Services & Support

♡ Prenatal and Postpartum Consultations
♡ In-Person Support
♡ Virtual Consult
♡ Pump Classes
♡ Back to Work
♡ Bottle Feeding and Refusal
♡ Induced Lactation, Post Surrogacy and Adoptive Parenting Lactation Support
♡ Functional Support and Habilitation with tethered oral tissues/tongue and lip ties

What we do

We will meet you where you are and continue to support you until you have met your own personal goals.

During the initial postnatal lactation consultation, we spend about an hour and a half to learn about you and your goals. We then provide some tips to help you, we assess the feeding and/or pumping, and we weigh baby to determine any milk transfer.

We formulate a plan that is tailored to each dyad (mom/baby/family’s needs) and update as needed with each appointment.

"When my daughter was born she wasn't latching properly. I was a terrified new mom, not able to feed my own newborn baby and I didn't know where to begin. Autumn was the only Lactation Consultant who would come to us on such short notice and help us out. Her empathy for our situation during this time continued long past our first encounter. Still, any time I have a question, I feel comfortable reaching out to her and am always very confident in her advice. She is extremely knowledgeable, very reliable, and dedicated to helping and educating families about nursing. I can honestly say I don't know what I would have done without her during probably the most vulnerable time in my life. I am very picky about who I refer my patients to and I never hesitate referring them to Autumn. I know they will be well informed and most importantly well taken care of by someone who works from the heart. I now have a beautiful and chunky 7mo daughter who is still nursing, and I owe that to Autumn!"


"Autumn was a godsend for me!  Even after successfully breastfeeding two babies, I had some major difficulties with my third.  Autumn helped me every step of the way.  She was a wealth of knowledge and resources, and a strong source of emotional support when I needed it most.  She is caring, compassionate, and determined to help in every way possible.  She got me through one of the biggest physical and emotional hurdles I have ever experienced in life, and 10 months later.. baby is still breastfeeding strongly!  I can’t thank you enough, Autumn!"


Edna is wonderful! I feel so much more confident after meeting with her the other day. So grateful to have such a wonderful lactation counselor as a first time mom breastfeeding. She is kind, nurturing, & a genuinely sweet human. Highly recommend!


I cannot thank these ladies enough for the help they've provided me & my daughter. As an exclusively breastfed baby, I was having serious difficulties with her gaining weight to the point where we ended up in the hospital. Both my video consult with Autumn and in person consult with Laura made a tremendous difference in the way I was feeding. We are definitely back on the right track and I can't thank them enough!