Services & Fees

Supporting clients in person or virtual:
  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultations: virtual and in person 
  • Pumping Support Services
  • Low milk supply
  • Hyperlactation or oversupply
  • Back to Work Consults
  • Bottle Feeding and Breast Refusal
  •  Induced Lactation, Post Surrogacy and Adoptive Parenting Lactation Support
  • Tongue Tie Rehabilitation and Support
  • Infant Massage Training Classes  (contact us directly for more information)
  • ● Labor Doula Services

Description of Services 

In person services

Postnatal Initial in office Consultation…… $175 ($100 travel fee for in home visits)
Baby born and breastfeeding/chestfeeding not quite as you planned? We will evaluate and make a plan of care that is specific to your family’s needs. We evaluate mom, baby and breastfeeding/chestfeeding, and coordinate care with other healthcare professionals as needed.  This visit is approximately 1.5hours and we go over all your initial infant feeding questions.  With this service, we give two weeks of unlimited email and text follow ups to answer your questions, and one follow up phone call (15min).  This visit is also suitable for Induced Lactation, Post Surogacy and Adoptive Parenting Lactation Support, low milk supply or oversupply, as well as general breastfeeding support.

Postnatal Follow Ups……..$65 in office
Sometimes we answer all your questions in the first visit, sometimes you will need more support.  We are here on this journey as long as you and your baby need us!  Follow ups are assessed on an individual basis. During these visits, we continue to support what is going on with you and your baby’s individual needs and evolve our plan of care.  Follow ups are generally 45min.

Back to Work Basics and Bottle Feeding Support……$65
For established clients, we provide an in office or virtual one hour visit.  We help you make a plan for going back to work, how to bottle feed, and give you some tips on best practices or infant and child development!

Labor Doula Package…….$850
Having a doula increases rates of breastfeeding/chestfeeding, so it’s only fitting that we would offer this service. Call and setup a free interview with Laura. When you hire her, you will receive one prenatal doula consultation, hands on birth support, and one postpartum doula visit. You will also have the option of adding on one of our lactation packages, plus access to several other exclusive add-ons all at a discounted rate.  You get a $100 off our Prenatal Breastfeeding Package, if you are a Doula client.


Virtual Services

Virtual Consultation Package……….$175
This is a perfect start to get on the right track in a hurry!  You get two for the price of one with this package.  The initial consult is done with more flexibility to meet your needs, it is 1 hour and we provide a free 60min follow up that is at the place of your choice: virtually or in our office.  The initial visit we spend time going over what specific issues you are having in your breastfeeding journey and then we re-evaluate in follow up visits what worked and what didn’t and make changes to our plan as necessary.   The follow up visit must be redeemed within 2 weeks of initial consult.  

Virtual Prenatal Consultation……….$100
This is a perfect start to get on the right track .  We go over everything you need to know to be prepared for breastfeeding your baby.  We usually recommend this consult if you are over 34 weeks pregnant.  Your next visit would be charged as a follow up and you may decide to do virtual, or in person follow ups. 

Virtual Follow up……..  $50
Applicable if you have been seen prenatally, or have already had an in person or virtual initial consult.  During the virtual follow up visits, we assess progress with our previous plan of care, and we make changes according to what is going on with you and your baby.


Prenatal Breastfeeding Support

Get the right support before baby gets here. This package is perfect for those who have been unsuccessful with breastfeeding/chestfeeding with other children and wish to have a fresh start.  This package may also be for a family who is starting off and would like some extra support. During the initial consult, we come to your home, or you come to us and we create an individualized plan of care that fits your family/individual needs and gets you prepared to optimize breastfeeding long term. This visit package can be adapted for Induced Lactation, Post Surogacy and Adoptive Parenting Lactation Support.

 Home Visit Prenatal Package….. $500
This package includes an initial virtual consultation before baby is born or arrives, and two visits post partum in your home to be used within the first 3-4 weeks of baby’s arrival.  Additional postpartum visits, are discounted at $75 for follow ups in home.  ***Depending on location of your home is dependent on whether or not we can accommodate this package. 

 Office Visit Prenatal Package….. $275                                                    
 This package includes an initial virtual consultation before baby is born or arrives, and two visits post partum (one hour each).

An additional in hospital visit for $100 can be added to either prenatal breastfeeding package, pending hospital visitation protocols.  Additional postpartum follow up visits, are discounted at $50.

Contact us to learn how we work with your insurance!

Payment Options

Accepted forms of payment

Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle and all major credit cards accepted.

We work with several insurance companies, often with no out of pocket cost to you, depending on the plan.  Insurance plans we work with include:

Aetna, Culinary, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (most plans),

Cigna (most plans) and  some United Healthcare Plans.

Tricare clients:  We provide discounted and specialty billing services for active and inactive Service members with Tricare.  \

Discounts are also available for returning Self pay clients!

Call us for more information on each specific plan.

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